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What are Microbes?

Microbes are an integral part of every living organism. It doesn’t matter whether it’s humans, livestock, plants or soils. There are six major types of microbes – bacteria, fungi, archaea, protozoa, algae and viruses. Some of these microbes are beneficial to the host while others are detrimental.

Wind River Microbes are grown with the beneficial aspects in mind. The microbes used in our solutions have been specifically chosen in order for producers to reap the full benefits of usage. They are the most stable and pure microbes on the market today.

There are many competitor products out there, so why choose Wind River Microbes? Many of our competitor products on the market are derived from lactating dairy cow manure. Because that cow eats a variety of nutrients and feed daily, and drinks from a watering source used by other cattle, her manure will vary slightly each time she produces it. That, in itself, causes variables and takes a longer growing and purification process. Plus, this process runs the risk of E. Coli in the solution for six to eight months.

Wind River Microbes are made of specific microorganisms, and grown in a clean, highly controlled environment. It takes about seven days from start to finish, to grow a stable batch. And our solutions can be used in a variety of applications, from drenching/watering livestock, to pasture applications, to lawns and gardens, to using in septic systems, plus many more.

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